Fantasy Sports Radio’s Guide to winning the Fantasy Football Playoffs

Congratulations. If you’re reading this post you’re either in that elite minority of people who survived the battle royale that is the fantasy football regular season, or, conversely, you’re in that pedestrian majority that struck out and missed the playoffs completely (Welcome, masochists!). Possibly you’re even in the final week of your league’s regular season (Welcome, weirdos!). In any case, make like Nestle because it’s #crunchtime.

But it’s not enough to simply qualify for the playoffs. No, this is America and you’re here to win, dammit. Here to ensure you of your winnability (and continuing U.S. citizenship) are SiriusXM’s top plays for each position in standard leagues for this week in your fantasy football playoffs.


Tom Brady, New England Patriots:

Santa brought Tom Brady an early gift in the form of a healthy Rob Gronkowski, look for Donald Trump’s “good friend” to have a field day against the Titan’s surprisingly efficient passing defense. Brady, with or without Gronk, has been close to matchup-proof all season long and with Gronk, Danny Amendola (and maybe Julian Edelman), Touchdown Tom should be netting you POINTS.

Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions and Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints:

Vegas has the Monday nighter between Detroit and New Orleans pegged at 51 points, making it the most fantasy friendly game this week. Bank on all of the skill players to potentially payoff, but especially look for Matthew Stafford and Drew Brees to go off in a game that has “scoreboard destroying shootout” written all over it.

Running Backs:

Jeremy Hill, Cincinnati Bengals:

With A.J. McCarron under the center for the Bengals, look for a more conservative, run-heavy gameplan from Cincinnati on the road at Levi’s Stadium. The 49ers could not even slow down, let alone stop, Cleveland’s Isaiah Crowell and Duke Johnson last week, and Jeremy Hill should have no problem either.

Lamar Miller, Miami Dolphins:

Coming off of a game where Miller was inexplicably benched for the majority of the second half, it’s gonna be Miller Time all day long on Sunday. Count on the South Beach stud to make noise no matter how many carries he gets against San Diego’s turnstile of a rush D.

Wide Receivers:

DeAndre Hopkins, Houston Texans:

In maybe the most obvious decision in the history of everything, PLAY DEANDRE HOPKINS IF YOU HAVE HIM. The Colts have had a terrible passing defense all season long and are jussssst ahead of New Orleans in yards/reception (12.6 to 12.7, lulz). Hopkins could push that number past N’awlins for worst in the league on Sunday.

Jeremy Maclin, Kansas City Chiefs:

Going up against a Baltimore Ravens defense that just yielded three touchdowns to Seattle’s Doug Baldwin, Jeremy Maclin has the potential to win playoff games by himself this Sunday. Volume should be no problem for Alex Smith’s favorite target either, Maclin has nearly as many receptions (72) as the his next closest teammate has targets (Travis Kelce, 82).

Doug Baldwin/Tyler Lockett, Seattle Seahawks:

Speaking of Doug Baldwin’s destruction of Baltimore, the Seahawks face the awful Cleveland Browns at home in the Pacific Northwest. With Russell Wilson playing with the intensity of a very hot (and accurate) sun, count on Baldwin or Tyler Lockett to hit paydirt multiple times.

Tight Ends:

Jordan Reed, Washington:

Count on the Cousins-Reed connection against the Bills this week. When he is healthy, Jordan Reed is a TE1 and he’s healthy and ready to roll. Lock him in.

Richard Rodgers, Green Bay Packers:

Richard Rodgers has had an iffy season, but he has been getting more looks as of late and also has two touchdowns in two weeks. Oakland’s defense, fearsome as it may be, has had struggle with tight ends all season and that trend should continue against a Green Bay team that can clinch a playoff berth with a win.


You should know who to target if you’re this far into the playoffs. Kickers tied to prolific offenses.


Seattle, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Houston, New England should all be unavailable in your leagues. If any of those teams are available on waivers, grab ‘em.

Good luck, gamers.

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