Fantasy Sports Radio DFS Week 11: You’re going to lose most weeks — it’s OK

Week 11 of the NFL season is almost here, which means once again it’s time to start building another killer lineup – and hopefully thicken your wallet.

As always, fantasy sports experts Joe Pisapia and Jeff Mans of Fantasy Sports Radio are here to help. This week, fantasy expert Tommy G told players why they shouldn’t be discouraged by losing.

“Over the course of a 17-week season, not counting playoffs and stuff like that, two weeks are going to make your year,” Tommy G said. “I don’t win every week. I don’t come close to winning every week, but the weeks I win and the weeks I hit make up for three, four, five losing weeks.”

Tommy G continued:

“You have to be willing to lose, you have to be willing to take chances, and you can’t stray from your strategy. You have to stick with it throughout the whole course of the season.”

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