Fantasy football: Free agents that could help your team down the stretch

The free agent pool in your fantasy football league may be a wasteland at this point.

Or, maybe you’re just not looking hard enough.

Tuesday on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio, the guys from Football Diehards and RotoWire went through a litany of players who are likely available in most fantasy football leagues, and might be able to help your team in the playoff push.

The Diehards brought up running backs Dan Herron, Pierre Thomas, Doug Martin and Ka’Deem Carey to start.

“Clearly, you look at the snap count,” Bob Harris said when breaking down the Tampa Bay Buccaneers timeshare, “and Sims was in there and heavily in the mix, but it looks like Martin is the guy that they’ll not run away from.”

“I hope we never have to see him,” Mike Dempsey said of Carey, the Chicago Bears backup running back, “because Matt Forte has been a gem this year. But if he were to get hurt, that’s the guy you’re going to want to own. And I can’t imagine there are too many other guys sitting on benches right now – maybe a Carlos Hyde, but even then, they’re not running the ball well, period.”

Derek VanRiper and Jeff Erickson of RotoWire focused on Herron, Latavius Murray and LeGarrette Blount in particular. Both VanRiper and Erickson said Murray is the most attractive option of the group, followed by Herron and then Blount.

VanRiper’s analysis of all three:

Murray: “If Murray’s healthy … I’m tempted to say Murray’s the best of the bunch. Because what do the Raiders have to gain by running Darren McFadden and MJD at this point? What is the purpose of that?

Herron: “It looks to me like Herron could take on a lot of what Bradshaw was doing before as a pass catcher.”

Blount: “They [the New England Patriots] gameplan for the opponent. They do not have a script they follow that is, ‘These are our strengths, this is what we do, we just keep doing this over and over and over again.’ They mix and match every week based on who they’re playing and what their best mismatch will be. I don’t think LeGarrette Blount, each and every week, is going to be the most valuable running back in that backfield.”

The Diehards continued to go down a list of potential wide receiver options, including Kenny Stills (“Obviously you want to grab him up,” Harris said), Jarvis Landry, John Brown, Joe Morgan, Charles Johnson (“Just based on the snap count in Minnesota,” Dempsey said) and Donte Moncrief.

Harris and Dempsey wrapped up with a few tight end options, of particular importance considering how thin the position has gotten in the past few weeks. Notable names: Minnesota Vikings’ Kyle Rudolph, Patriots’ Tim Wright, and Charles Clay in Miami.

Listen to Harris, Dempsey, VanRiper and Erickson’s full thoughts below, and tweet your fantasy football questions @SiriusXMFantasy.

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