Last night was a dramatic one for the New York Mets after many reported the team acquired Carlos Gomez from the Milwaukee Brewers in exchange for Wilmer Flores and Zack Wheeler, only for the deal to later fall through.

The Mets have been heavily criticized for their handling of Flores, who was kept in the game after word of the trade leaked, which led to Flores crying on the field after hearing news of his possible departure.

On SiriusXM’s MLB Network Radio, Casey Stern had plenty say about the entire situation.

“If you are sitting there and you’re Sandy Alderson and in that front office, do you not have a television?” Stern said. “Did you not notice that the entire world had stopped to turn and laugh at you because a deal that was supposedly done was not, and your shortstop was standing there crying on the field, during play, during a game where you need to win? Could you not let Terry [Collins] know in the dugout?”

Stern then criticized the Mets for not completing he trade.

“Gomez would have been huge,” Stern said. “Having it fall by the wayside is just another Met thing in a long line of Met things.”

Stern then went on to question the Mets’ credibility in determining a players’ health.

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