#EverySimpsonsEver: Steve Sax remembers his appearance on ‘Homer At The Bat’

As we’re sure you’ve heard (#EverySimpsonsEver), FXX is broadcasting, in chronological order, every episode of The Simpsons, including The Simpsons Movie. Chances are, if you’ve tuned in, you’ve watched an episode or two you don’t remember. Home At The Bat probably isn’t one of those episodes.

If you know your Simpsons history, you know that Homer At The Bat has a spot in Simpsons lore. As pointed out in the interview below, and by Deadspin two years ago, the Feb. 20, 1992 episode beat The Cosby Show and The Olympics in ratings. In fact, as Deadspin’s Erik Malinowski wrote, Fox beat NBC and CBS for “its first-ever victory in primetime.”

One of the Major League Baseball co-stars of that episode and current MLB Network Radio host Steve Sax joined Mike Ferrin and Jim Duquette last week to reminisce about the episode, and take listeners behind the scenes of a Simpsons taping.

Highlights of the interview with Sax, who joked at the start, “I’m glowing, I’m still glowing from working at the power plant:”

On Simpons-related fame

[I thought], “We’ve arrived.” You get to do The Simpsons, man. Let me tell you what. I get to do speaking, right. I speak at different places all over the country. When the question-and-answer period comes up, it’s not about, “Hey, what was it like hitting against Clemens?,” or, “What was it like in the World Series?” It’s like, “Hey, man, was it fun on The Simpsons?” That’s what everybody asks me still. I get more acclaim for The Simpsons than anything.

Getting noticed by MLB opponents

There was a pitching change, and I was on defense, and somebody hit a double, and I went over to second base. And the first thing they said, was, “Man, I saw you on The Simpsons last week, that was great!” And I was like, geez, even the players know it, man!


The great thing about it, I don’t know if the fans out there know, I still get residual checks from this show. I absolutely do. I get a residual check usually once every six weeks, and it has kept me afloat. You won’t believe the size of these checks, it’s amazing. [Pause.] The last check I got, I think, was 76 cents.

Listen to the full interview below, and tune into MLB Network Radio on XM channel 89 and Sirius channel 209.

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