Real Housewife Erika Jayne spills on her sex life and marrying an older man

Erika Jayne is a dance music sensation whose steamy performances have made her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills costars blush. But off stage, she doesn’t rely on her alter-ego’s S&M props with lawyer husband Tom Girardi.

“I was just wondering if you wear like the patent leather high boots in bed,” Jenny McCarthy asked the reality star Tuesday on Dirty, Sexy, Funny.

“F***, I ain’t got time for that,” Jayne, who earlier joked that  76-year-old Girardi is a “weird unicorn dude” who doesn’t need Viagra, replied with her signature sass.

Jayne, 44, said she and her spouse show affection by holding hands and hugging “all the time” and that their three-decade age difference doesn’t affect their relationship.

“I think when you connect on other levels as well, those things kind of all fall into place,” the singer explained. “You can’t just connect physically in a relationship. You have to connect emotionally, you have to see life the same way, and when all of those things fall into place, everything else is easier.”

But McCarthy, 43, was shocked the couple doesn’t “get that kinky.”

“I mean, I’m really good in bed,” Janye said. “I just don’t need all the extra stuff.”

Dirty, Sexy, Funny airs on SiriusXM Stars.

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