Eric Trump allegedly told golf writer in 2014 that Russia funded Trump courses

Donald Trump’s son allegedly told a golf writer back in 2014 that his family had help from Russian investors to fund their golf courses.

That golf writer, James Dodson, while promoting his new book “Range Bucket List,” recently described to SiriusXM PGA TOUR Radio the golf outing with Eric Trump, in which Dodson asked what he thought was just an “innocent question” at the time.

“‘You know, I’m curious what banks are funding your money?'” Dodson asked Eric Trump. “He said, ‘Well we don’t need the American banks. We have the money coming from another source.'”

When pressed further, Dodson claims the younger Trump was direct in his answer.

“He said, ‘No, our funding source comes from Russia. We have all the money we need from Russian investors.'”

At the time, the answer raised no flags for Dodson, who admitted he congratulated him on securing funding during a time when the golf world was reeling.

For his part, Eric Trump tweeted early Monday that the story is “completely fabricated.”

Listen to the interview below, including Dodson’s brief interaction with President Donald Trump.


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