Eric the Actor’s legacy, according to Howard and Robin

How should Eric the Actor be remembered? Jon Leiberman of Howard 100 News posed the question to Howard and Robin this week.

“I hope people remember this guy who, despite all of his handicaps, was able to enjoy life,” Howard said. “He didn’t have a lot to celebrate, and yet, there was some spirit … there was this spirit, he would even stand up to me. Hew just loved being in the middle of things and mixing it up. … I hope that we remember that no matter how bad things are or how they look, there’s still something to enjoy in life. You gotta find that joy. I hope that’s his legacy.”

“He was such an inspirational spirit,” Robin added. “And Howard hits it on the head when he says, there was a guy with all of these problems and all of these issues, and he still wanted to have his say. He didn’t take it very well, but he dished it out. Most people in his situation wouldn’t be that engaged with life.”

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