Eric Ebron on Jim Caldwell’s future as Lions coach: ‘We want to keep him there forever’

Eric Ebron knows this much about his coach and his quarterback — he wants them to continue to be with him for a long time on the Detroit Lions.

The tight end also knows, in order for that to happen, the Lions have to win a lot of games.

‘He really takes his time with understanding his players’

That would certainly do plenty to help with the job security of coach Jim Caldwell, who is believed to be on the hot seat as he enters his fourth season at the Lions’ helm, and no doubt provide greater incentive for the team to give quarterback Matthew Stafford a new contract in line with the recent big deal given Oakland Raiders QB Derek Carr. The Lions already showed their commitment to Ebron by picking up the fifth-year option in his rookie contract.

“He’s a very patient and understanding guy,” Ebron said of Caldwell while appearing on the SiriusXM Blitz with Bruce Murray and Kirk Morrison. “He really takes his time with understanding his players and he puts so much time and effort into putting us into the best situation as players, which is taking care of our bodies and making sure we’re available for every Sunday.

‘We try to do everything we can for that guy because we love him’

“What I’ve learned from him is two things — this game doesn’t last long; he preaches about going out every day and giving it your all and, pretty much, if you don’t win in this league, you get replaced. We try to do everything we can for that guy because as an organization and as a team, who play for him, we love him. That’s definitely our coach. Hot seat, whatever, we want to play for him because we want to keep him there forever, because that’s just what kind of guy he is.”

After joking that “no one cares about NFL contracts after NBA free agency,” Ebron endorsed the idea of Stafford being compensated as an elite quarterback.

‘I think you have to pay top dollar for a guy like’ Stafford

“Hopefully, he gets paid what he deserves,” the tight end said. “And I think you have to pay top dollar for a guy like that. If you’re in the locker room with him, if you’re on the field with him, he cares nothing more and nothing less but giving it everything he’s got. I mean, the dude’s been through hell and high water in his time as a Detroit Lion, so I think he deserves whatever’s coming his way.

“I just feel like he deserves it. He’s great, man.”

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