How comedian Eric Andre blew it with Amber Rose, ‘the most beautiful woman in the world’

Eric Andre messed up his chances of dating Muva.

The comedian and actor revealed his celebrity hook-up Monday on The Jenny McCarthy Show.

“For a hot second me and Amber Rose were hanging out, but I totally blew it with her,” he said. “She’s the most beautiful woman in the world. She’s super hot.”

So what happened?

“I kind of blew her off like an idiot. I’m just like a pathological breaker-upper. I’m like, ‘A girl actually likes me, I gotta get out of this thing.’ And then weeks later I was like, ‘What am I thinking? I’m a moron.’ So weeks later I begged her back, on hands and knees and she was like, ‘F*** you,'” he said, adding that Rose had obviously moved on to someone new. “I begged her like hands and knees — I mean, via text.”


And now, “I like being single,” he said. “It’s just easier.”

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