El Sitio Takes over the LAMC

#MusicLovers unite!  La Kueva (Ch. 768) has a new bi-weekly spot that pushes the limits of new music in the Latin Alternative and Latin Rock genres with host, Ellen Flores in her show El Sitio (The Spot).

Summer is here and that means Latin Alternative Music takes over the streets of Manhattan at the yearly Latin Alternative Music Conference (L.A.M.C.) and El Sitio takes you backstage with an exclusive recap with the biggest names at this year’s show!

I hopped on a train and made my way to the big city to bring you this very special coverage of one of the most important weeks in Latin Alternative music!  In this week’s show, you’ll get to know artists like: Avionica, Estelares, Los Cafres, Mexrrissey, Sexy Zebras and Leon Larregui.

I’m a music nerd.  I have no music abilities, but music is my life and bringing you new music is my mission.  For me, it was a total trip to interview my musical idols Los Cafres.  Their music is about 70% the soundtrack to my life, how could I not be excited to meet them?! On the other hand, I also had a total trip meeting groups like Mexrrissey, the Mexican power group that reinterpreted Morrisey songs in a Latin sound.. Mariachi and goth? Sign me up!


Another artist that you’ll discover here first at El Sitio is the Spanish band, Sexy Zebras.  Don’t be fooled by the name, this power trio is serious business and you are going to get hooked.  Just remember you heard it here first!

There’s so much in this show that I can’t tell you all of it now, you have to tune in for yourself and check it out. I promise you, you won’t regret it!

Catch the broadcast of the LAMC Recap on El Sitio THIS FRIDAY at 3pm.  If you miss it, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with the replays on Saturday @ 6pm, Sunday @ 10am and Wednesday @ 9pm. If you still want to know some more or see some cool pics, check us out on Instagram @LaKuevaSXM or @EFlores417.   New music lives here and you discovered it here at the spot, EL SITIO con ELLEN FLORES on La Kueva SiriusXM!

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