Ed Sheeran reveals how he goes incognito when he doesn’t want any attention

A regular and beloved guest on SiriusXM Hits 1‘s the Morning Mash Up, Ed Sheeran stopped by this week just to have a chat. He talked about British comedians making it in the U.S. (and how British humor is hard for Americans), he tries to explain the new term “on fleek” to the oldies on the MMU and he reveals how he dresses when he’s trying to fly under the radar.

“I’ve decided a good way to disguise myself might be a hat because I have bright orange hair, so I’ve started wearing hats now and then,” Sheeran said. “I have a really round head so it doesn’t looks great. But it’s a really good way to go under the radar … but now I’ve just said it on air so now it’s not really under the radar.”

But the most interesting revelation came when Sheeran talked about the secret behind his music making. “You can make a pop song easily, but great songs just come from thin air,” Sheeran said. “All the best songs were written in no time at all.”

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