Drew Pearson: Dez Bryant can’t let ‘passion’ affect football team

Former Cowboys All-Pro WR Drew Pearson spoke with Rich Gannon and Bruce Murray Monday on SiriusXM NFL Radio about Dez Bryant’s late-game sideline rant during Dallas’ 31-30 loss to the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

“I think they should have made a more conscientious effort to get him the football but if that doesn’t happen that doesn’t mean you have to put on a show or make it an issue with your football team on the sideline,” Pearson said. “Especially in a situation where your head coach, your quarterbacks coach, your receivers coach are trying to figure things out there on the bench. And especially in a situation where you let it escalate to where your teammates now have to deal with you as opposed to dealing with what’s going on out there on the field as they watch this game slip away from them.

“So to make it an issue, that was the problem,” Pearson continued, “Everybody’s calling it passion and all that. Rich, who doesn’t have passion that plays in the NFL? You have to have passion and love of the game to get there. And I’m sure everybody shows it in a different way just like other personality traits people might have. But this is in the context of a football game. You’ve got to know that you’ve got to be able to control that to an extent and not let it become an issue and affect your football team.”

Pearson added that Bryant’s head coach, Jason Garrett, should have intervened.

It would have showed that he did have control of this football team, especially what happens on the sidelines and especially what happens with the players between the lines when they are out there on the field. I think he does [have control]. I think he has more control than we thought he had when he took over the job. I think he’s done a good job, tried to change the culture of the Cowboys, trying to make them a more physical team, make them more accountable, paying attention to details and things like that. But, you know, it really hasn’t panned out. With this season, the eight games in this season and from 2011 and 2012, we’re 20-20. We’re a mediocre football team. We are what we are. And he’s trying to change that and these kinds of thing are setbacks, to me, in the process because you can’t change anything from mediocrity to a good football team unless you have discipline and instill that discipline within your football team. So, yeah, I think he should have stepped up and either pulled Dez away or had a one-on-one with him or something to nip that situation in the bud.

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