Dr. Jenn Mann’s tips for a happy — and realistic — 2016

Many of us dive head first into a new year with incredible resolutions. But by setting unrealistic goals, you may be setting yourself up to fail: Polls show that one-third of people don’t even begin to keep their resolutions before breaking them. Dr. Jenn Mann, host of The Dr. Jenn Show on SiriusXM Stars, gave us tips for approaching big changes in life with focus on progress, health and happiness.



  1. Set realistic goals: If you do something that is too extreme, you’re not going to keep your promise to yourself.
  2. Change your motivation: Shift your thoughts to something other than what you’re used to thinking about.
  3. Focus on the process instead of the outcome: Set goals that are both achievable and controllable.
  4. Get support: The more support you have, the better your chances are.
  5. Take it one day at a time: It’s important to look at your progress in small, manageable pieces.
  6. Be prepared for setbacks: Look at slips as part of your progress.



  1. Make healing your relationship with food and your body your primary objective: The rest will follow.
  2. Eat without restriction: Stop thinking of food in terms of “good” and “bad.”
  3. Choose foods that you believe will most satisfy you: Don’t just think about what your mouth is in the mood for.
  4. Check in with your body before, during and after a meal: Use a scale to judge your hunger level. We shouldn’t be leaving the table stuffed.
  5. Eat in a calm environment: Turn the TV off.
  6. Pursue pleasure in every meal: Allow yourself to taste, appreciate and enjoy food.
  7. Don’t get too hungry: Travel with food.



  1. Listen: The most powerful things we can give our partners is to feel seen, heard, understood and appreciated.
  2. Show gratitude: Create a culture of appreciation in your relationship.
  3. Take the time to connect: Carve out sacred couple time — even if it’s just 20 minutes each day.
  4. Have sex: It’s the glue to relationships.


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