Dr. Jenn Berman is a well-known marriage and family therapist, columnist, author, speaker, host of VH1’s Couples Therapy, and, most importantly, host of The Dr. Jenn Show on SiriusXM Oprah Radio. Below, the creator of the popular app No More Diets shares her thoughts on the power of positive thinking and prayer.

Dr. Jenn talks about how she reticently “read an article about the power of prayer in Psychology Today. For me it was a very life changing article.” Written by Larry Dossey, the article, Can Prayer Harm?, is about “the power of negative prayer, but in order to study negative prayer….they have to really look at the power of positive prayer.”

As a result of Dr. Dossey’s article, Jenn started to pray every night: “It left such a profound effect on me.”
Dr. Jenn talks about some of the significant results the article brought up about the power of positive thinking and prayer. She explains the results of a study that occurred in San Fransisco: “393 patients with severe chest pains and/or heart attacks, half were prayed for, and half were not.” The group that was prayed for was healthier and had less medical problems moving forward, such as “requiring fewer antibiotics.”

She also talks about a study in France in which people have been “shown to use their mind to promote or inhibit growth of bacteria and fungus at a distance of 15 miles.”

Jenn explains: “I’m not a super-religious person. This spoke to me and I figured, you know what, what not? It really affected my life. I was able to create things in my life at a much faster rate than expected. I don’t know how this works… I don’t know if it’s power of thinking about something and it makes you more likely to create it, or it it’s a god thing, or something in between, or something that we just don’t have the power to completely understand.”

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