Dr. Frances Cress Welsing: ‘Ferguson is another example of white supremacy’

This week on the Karen Hunter Show, psychologist and Cress Theory of Color Confrontation author Dr. Frances Cress Welsing joined the Karen Hunter Show to break down how white supremacy is alive and well in America today, citing the current racial tensions in Ferguson, Missouri, as a prime example.

“It’s absolutely critical that black people understand the dominant power dynamic on the planet, that impacts their lives 24/7 times 365 times the length of time they’ve been on the planet,” said Welsing.

Welsing continues: “The very fact that we are talking about racism speaks to the dominance of racism, and there’s no way of escaping it. For example, all of the issues that are in Ferguson are related to racism/white supremacy — black males being killed by white males with guns.”

Though Welsing made a series of salient points in her conversation with Hunter, she stressed that, despite what many have been trained to believe, racial tensions of this caliber are nothing new.

“The dynamic of racism/white supremacy has been black people’s experience for the last 500 years,” said Welsing. “Black people have operated in a system of praying and hoping that tomorrow it will be gone. Or if certain legislation is passed, it’ll be gone. Just like our ancestors who were enslaved, they thought, if they take off the chains, our problems will be solved. But the chains were replaced with laws. And the laws were changed and black people thought, well everything is fine, we got a black president, and now we find ourselves in one of the most desperate situations.”

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