Dorsey: Exciting time for Chiefs ‘because this franchise hasn’t really drafted a QB in 34 years’

NFL Radio - 2014 TCT - Chiefs - GM John DorseyJohn Dorsey knew the Kansas City Chiefs were on the verge of something special during trade negotiations with the Buffalo Bills before this year’s NFL Draft.

The Chiefs’ general manager saw a unique opportunity when the Bills finally agreed to give their 10th overall pick to Kansas City to move down to the Chiefs’ 27th spot in exchange for a third-round choice this year a first-rounder in 2018. Dorsey, of course, knew exactly what the Chiefs were going to do at No. 10: select Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

‘Rarely do you have a chance to get up there and get one of these quarterbacks’

“Rarely do you have a chance to get up there and get one of these quarterbacks and very rarely do those plans come to fruition when you’re moving up 17 spots,” Dorsey told Jim Miller and Pat Kirwan on Movin’ The Chains. “And then when we were allowed to move up 17 spots, it was an exciting time because this franchise hasn’t really drafted a quarterback in 34 years. But, from our standpoint, we got the guy we identified.

“It was unanimous with the personnel staff, the coaching staff, everybody felt that way. But we also got a quarterback that can help us in the future and he can sit there now and just learn from the consummate professional, Alex Smith, and they’ve got Andy Reid being able to teach him the nuances of playing that quarterback position.”

‘He’s courageous, he’s tough, he’s smart’

What does Dorsey like best about Mahomes?

“He loves football,” the GM said. “I went to two games live with him. He’s courageous, he’s tough, he’s smart. On top of that, he’s got really wonderful arm strength. He’s got accuracy downfield. But the one thing that stood out to me is how much the guy really likes football. I like guys that really like the game of football.”


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