Donald Trump called in to The Howard Stern Show, talks about when he’ll pick his vice president

It happened. Donald Trump called in to The Howard Stern Show so that the King of All Media could finally ask the GOP candidate the tough questions.

“What about me being a Supreme Court justice?” Stern said.

“Who knows Howard better than me?” Trump asked. “Howard is the warmest, nicest guy. When you’re with him in person, you leave, and you say ‘What a nice guy!’ And then you hear him on radio, and he’s a total maniac.”

The two also discussed Trump’s relationship with Fox News following the Republican presidential debate as well as how the candidate feels about Joe Biden potentially throwing his own hat into the ring.

Stern also asked The Donald about any preliminary contenders for the role of his running mate.

“Have you given any thoughts to a vice president?” Stern asked.

“You know? I like to do one thing at a time,” Trump said.

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photo via Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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