Dom Kennedy recently dropped by Shade 45 to promote his new album By Dom Kennedy. He sat down with #LALeakers to talk about how he chose the album title, why it doesn’t have many features, and how his life has changed since the birth of his son.

“When the music started coming together, I was like, ‘This is By Dom Kennedy.’ Simple and plain, like to the point,” he said about the album title. “I didn’t want too much going on, too much outside of just me and the records.”

Speaking of his son, Dom acknowledged that his life has changed since becoming a father but explained that he considers himself a father not only to his biological child but to all kids in the hip-hop community.

“As a person, first off, it’s changed my whole world. … You kind of don’t know what to expect but then you’re grateful that you were fortunate enough to see the day — that you can contribute something to do the world,” he said.

“As a musician, it’s dope but it’s hard at the same time. It’s dope because I get to talk about myself … and my son. I know that he don’t all the way understand what I’m saying now, but he’s going to hear a song like Lemonade off By Dom Kennedy when he’s grown and be like, ‘Wow that’s pretty dope.’ But also I do that because I don’t spend as much time with him because of what I do … I try to bring him out to the shows, and he definitely knows that I rap and he enjoys all of it,” he said. “But also at the same time I understand that I have more kids than just my own to raise. So I look at his peers … there’s other kids out here that rap music is important to. … That’s more so what I focus on, too.”

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