Dolly Parton reveals the background behind her new album title, Blue Smoke

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If Dolly Parton’s SiriusXM Town Hall proved anything, it’s that we could never tire of listening to her talk. Seriously, that woman’s got stories! And if you missed them, click here to hear the first batch. Or tune into Prime Country this Saturday at 12 pm ET.

Chatting with host Kathie Lee Gifford about everything from her trademark Barbie Doll looks to the release of her brand-new album, Blue Smoke, Dolly delved into why she chose to name her 42nd disc after “the haze that comes off the Smokey Mountains.”

“I think that’s a beautiful title. I grew up in the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, as you know. And Cherokee, North Carolina is right across the mountain there. The Cherokee have a word called ‘Shakonohey,’ which means ‘Land of Blue Smoke.’ They say that the haze that comes off the Smoky Mountains is kind of blue. So [it’s] a beautiful title, and the fact that we did a lot of bluegrass harmonies and bluegrass instruments on several of the songs in the CD, so [the title] just kind of lent itself to that.”

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