Dog bites: Russo takes on everyone involved with Donald Sterling

There’s a reason they call Chris Russo, “Mad Dog.” In Dog Bites, we highlight and breakdown his greatest on-air moments.

In this edition of Dog Bites, Mad Dog takes to the airwaves following news that Clippers owner Donald Sterling is banned from the NBA for life. Who does Dog have a problem with? Everyone involved in the situation.


Can I have somebody say, ‘You know what, this is wrong.’ Leslie Alexander’s got something to say, Mark Jackson’s got something to say, Doc [Rivers] you took $21 million, Chris Paul, how about you. Can I have somebody say something? Somebody? One? One person go on television today and have the guts to sit there and say, ‘Guys, this guy’s been a buffoon for 35 years, where have you been?’ One person! That’s all I’m asking! One person with a camera on ESPN, have the – excuse my French. Timmy, turn the radio off – balls to say something!


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