Dog bites: Our 8 favorite Mad Dog rants of 2014, featuring Fallon, Manziel and Mario

You never know when Mad Dog is going to bite.

Actually, you know exactly when he’s going to bite. Just about everyday on his Mad Dog Sports Radio program, Mad Dog Unleashed, airing 3-6 pm ET on SiriusXM channel 85.

Chris Russo’s 2014 “season” was as fiery as ever, as Dog got heated over famous bandwagoning fans, the NCAA Tournament pod system, his channel’s Twitter handle (@MadDogRadio) and a lot more. Here are our eight favorite outbursts, presented in chronological order:

Dog vs. Torre over the NCAA pod system

Our favorite part of this clip: Dog yells for nearly six minutes, then finishes his argument with Steve Torre by saying, “All right, I’m sorry for yelling.”

Hey, TNT: We’re not stupid!

Russo’s displeasure with TNT’s coverage of the NBA Playoffs, specifically their frequent use of game breaks, was a classic Dog rant, as he works his way from cool and collected to off the rails.

Every guilty party in the Donald Sterling saga

Russo went uncensored for a moment while going after all parties involved in the Donald Sterling situation, even asking his son, Timmy, to “turn the radio off.”

Manziel and @MadDogRadio

Steve Torre, Dog’s program director and the host of Dog Bites and SiriusXM NFL Radio’s Sunday Drive, makes a second appearance on the list. One of the reasons Torre showed up in multiple clips? Torre goes at Dog just as hard as Dog goes at Torre.

An earful for Goodell

Russo took aim at the NFL commissioner for his handling of Ray Rice’s suspension following the release of surveillance video showing Rice knocking out his then-fiancée Janay Rice.

Dog the Damn Yankee

Maybe our favorite four minutes of Mad Dog Unleashed from the entire year. Dog delivered the classic line while arguing with Mario in Florida, “Oh, come on, I’ve forgotten more about college football than you [know], Mario!”

Coming to Jeter’s defense

Keith Olbermann went after Derek Jeter’s legacy prior to The Captain’s final home game at Yankee Stadium. Russo picked apart Olbermann’s argument, and wondered aloud whether Olbermann knows anything about baseball.

Fallon and Harvey a couple of frauds

If you’re looking to avoid the wrath of Chris Russo, don’t do either of these two things:

  • Attend a Yankees game while you’re on the Mets’ roster, and your Mets are in Washington.
  • Alternate fandom between the Mets, Yankees and Red Sox.

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