There’s a reason they call Chris Russo, “Mad Dog.” In Dog Bites, we highlight and breakdown his most prolific on-air moments.

Instant. Classic.

Here’s a quick tip, if you’re looking to set Mad Dog off: Start a call of with “Where the hell did you go to college!?”

Mario in Florida did just that on Monday. He and Dog proceeded to go at it in what amounted to be a steel cage match for nearly four minutes regarding Florida State’s handling of the Jameis Winston suspension.

Three of our favorite exchanges from the call:

1. Don’t take on Dog’s sports knowledge.

Mario: You know nothing about college football for crying out loud!

Dog: Oh, come on, I’ve forgotten more about college football than you [know], Mario.

2. Freakin’ Yankees!

Mario: You freakin’ Yankees, you don’t even know what you’re talking about! It’s pissing me off!

Dog: Mario, are you a Florida State grad?

Mario: No, sir.

Dog: Well then why are you so wrapped up in defending Florida State for?

Mario: Well I’m a fan, a season ticket holder!

Dog: So you’re a season ticket holder of Florida State, and you don’t like your school getting pounded, which they are across the country, by the way!

3. Who cares if Jimbo won a championship?

Dog: And I don’t care about Jimbo Fisher’s freakin’ championship. We all know he’s won a championship, you think I’m dumb? We saw the game last year. What does that mean, so does Gene Siznik!

(We assume he meant “Chizik.”)

Listen to the entire back-and-forth below.

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