Made-up sayings. Criss-crossed literary references. Yelling. Lots of yelling.

Mad Dog’s take on #Deflategate had it all.

Thursday on his Mad Dog Sports Radio program, Chris Russo went after Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Bob Kraft, the New England Patriots, Roger Goodell and all the parties involved in the football-sized scandal that has taken over the conversation nine days from Super Bowl XLIX.

Some of the highlights of Russo’s outstanding rant:

“Brady can sit there and play Huck Sawyer all he wants!”

“The coach who has got his hands and his fingerprints on everything in that organization, who’s been there forever, who’s a Hall of Fame coach, who’s a control freak, says he has no knowledge of it. … [Brady] has been there for 15 years, he’s a Hall of Famer, he’s 37 years of age, now he’s got no idea why the football is deflated? Come on, now, we’re not stupid!”

“Hey, Roger Goodell: Get your hands out of your ass and get going here! What are you doing? You haven’t talked to Tom Brady yet? It’s been four days! What the hell are you doing? Send your crack little staff, Troy Vincent, somebody, send them to Foxborough!”

“Get your hands out of your ass, Kraft, and find out. … Whether Kraft’s got a clue, eating shrimp cocktails (in the owner’s box) with freakin’ Tedy Bruschi, who the hell knows.”

“The Patriots are not located in Melbourne, Australia.”

Buckle up, and listen to the full segment below:

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