The Golden State Warriors captured their first NBA championship since 1975 last night, defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 6, 105-97. While regular-season MVP Stephen Curry and Finals MVP Andre Iguodala celebrated their victory, Cleveland’s LeBron James walked off the court on the losing end of the NBA Finals for the fourth time in his career.

Once again, James’ legacy has been called into question. Adam Schein came to his defense on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio.

“LeBron James put together one of the all-time great performances in NBA Finals history,” said Schein. “I have to chuckle when some people say, ‘Oh, LeBron didn’t get it done last night.’ Are you nuts?”

Schein commented on the lack of help from James’ teammates.

“You can’t win a championship one-on-five.”

Host Stephen A. Smith also defended James on Mad Dog Sports Radio.

“Anybody alive now who knows the game of basketball, you know you can’t hold what transpired against Cleveland against LeBron James,” Smith said. “LeBron was working against an awful lot, and it just proved to be fatal for him with these NBA Finals. That gets attached to his resume, but it’s incumbent upon us who chronicle history to point those things out.”

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