Did Donald Trump pose as publicists? Washington Post editor gives more details

Who is John Miller? And who is John Barron? An investigation by The Washington Post senior editor Marc Fisher alleges both men are in fact the same person — presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Fisher spoke with Joe Madison on The Black Eagle Monday about how he first heard about Trump’s time masquerading as his own media spokesperson under these aliases.

“In the course of writing [a biography on Donald Trump] we talked to a number of editors and reporters from New York news organizations back in the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s who had received calls from a ‘John Miller’ or a ‘John Barron’ and it was clear from the voice and the content of those calls that it was Donald Trump calling them,” Fisher told Madison.

Fisher obtained a 1991 recording between Trump’s publicist “John Miller” and then-People reporter, Sue Carswell. In the recording, “Miller” describes in frank detail Trump’s relationship with model Marla Maples and the fact that Trump was being sought after by numerous celebrity women. The tape in question has been authenticated by Carswell, as well as by numerous voice data analysts who all “concluded that this is unquestionably Donald Trump.”

During an interview with NBC’s Today Show, Trump denied being the voice on the tape obtained by Fisher. However, in a 1990 lawsuit, Trump was asked under oath about using the name “John Barron,” to which he responded, “I believe on occasion I used that name.”

“It was kind of a running joke on a number of [New York newspaper and television station] news desks that ‘oh hey, it’s Trump again pretending to be someone from his own PR office’ and giving all kind of details that only Trump could have known. And doing it in that very distinctive speaking style that he has,” Fisher said.

Fisher also weighed in on allegations that the Hillary Clinton campaign planted this story.

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