David Spade’s sketches didn’t get as much love as, say, Adam Sandler or Dana Carvey when he was on Saturday Night Live in the 1990s. Spade revealed Wednesday on The Howard Stern Show the reason for that may have been because Al Franken, one of the show’s lead writers, wasn’t a fan – at all.

“It really crushed me, because I think he was one of the guys that picked sketches,” Spade said. “And Robert Smigel, who’s a good guy and super funny, and Downey, and Lorne, I all got along with. But after two years of not getting stuff on, I think Smigel or someone said, ‘Well, Franken hates you. We all say, what about Spade’s thing, and he goes, no we don’t want that sh–.'”

Spade did clarify that he hasn’t confirmed whether Franken does actually hate his guts.

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