Dick Cavett on Bill Cosby: ‘It’s a case of extreme mental pathology’

In 1970, comedy legends Dick Cavett and Bill Cosby hosted the Emmy Awards together. Fast forward to 2015, and Cosby has become the target of award show digs as a result of recent sexual assault allegations from multiple women:

Cavett sat down on StandUp! with Pete Dominick Thursday to comment on the allegations, which have been made by more than 20 women.

“It’s a terrible tragedy for everybody involved. It’s a great shame. Clearly, it’s a case of extreme mental pathology, and why that wasn’t noted, treated, instead of apparently protected and coddled, I don’t know. But I also feel very sorry for the women whose lives were, in some cases, virtually ruined,” Cavett said.

“I don’t know how sorry to feel for him because I don’t know what his mentality must be to be able to do those things.”

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