NFL legend Jerry Rice knows a thing or two about Bay-Area football. Last week on SiriusXM Bleacher Report Radio, Rice was asked whether he would choose Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr or San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick to start an NFL team today.

“Derek Carr is playing pretty good football,” Rice said. “I know when you look at the record it doesn’t say that, but he’s playing pretty good football. He seems to be very in control on the football field. I think the players, they look at him as being a leader … If I was a GM right now, I probably would say it would be Derek Carr.”

Rice acknowledged the struggles Kaepernick is having, but suggested he’ll bounce back.

“When I first came into the league I had some adversity. I was dropping footballs, and everybody thought I was gonna be a bust, and I think I turned out OK,” Rice said. “With Colin Kaepernick, he’s going through some struggles right now, but I think it’s only going to make him a better quarterback.”

Later in the interview, Nicole Zaloumis asked Rice about a story she heard from former 49er Eric Davis. According to Davis, Rice had a pregame ritual where he would tape his ankles, then run in place in front of his locker. If the tape didn’t feel right, Rice would tear off the tape and start over. Rice said he had a couple of pregame superstitions … but that wasn’t one of them.

This is what I would do in front of my locker: I would always tape my shoes up, and if they didn’t feel a certain way, I would cut the tape off. But I was one of those weird guys that had maybe four or five pairs of pants in front of my locker, and they had to fit a certain way. So the equipment guys, they knew that. They would just lay the pants out, and I would choose the ones I want. I just felt like I had to be comfortable on the football field to play my best.

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