Deion Sanders on Browns: ‘How do you botch a trade?’

Deion Sanders was beside himself in trying to sort out the Cleveland Browns’ unsuccessful attempt to make a trade with the Cincinnati Bengals for quarterback AJ McCarron.

The Hall of Famer and NFL Network analyst said the Browns’ blunder in failing to get the information of the trade to the NFL office before Tuesday’s 4 p.m. trading deadline was consistent with the troubled history of the franchise.

‘It’s a phone call, right?’

“First of all, how do you botch a trade? How do you botch a trade?” Sanders told Bruce Murray and Brady Quinn on the SiriusXM Blitz. “It’s a phone call, right? Pick up the phone and say, ‘Hey, man, will you send Man-Man over here? I’m going to send you Tay-Tay. Man-Man for Tay-Tay. We gonna do that? We gonna do that. Cool.’ Hang up.

“What? How do you botch a trade? I don’t even understand how that works. But guess what? The Brown did it. They did it.”

‘When they draft people, they cry when they go to the Browns. It’s not they’re crying because of joy’

Sanders said he expects the 0-8 Browns to again own the first pick of the draft in 2018. He also expects to see tears when they make the No. 1 overall choice.

“I’m at the draft every year, and when they draft people, they cry when they go to the Browns,” Sanders said. “It’s not they’re crying because of joy. It’s crying because they’re sick of it, because you know you’re going to a casket.

‘It’s a graveyard for quarterbacks’

“It’s no way all the quarterbacks that played for the Cleveland Browns aren’t good. Something’s going on in that organization, something’s going with the coaching. There’s no way you can have that many quarterbacks that are not good. I think some of these guys were phenomenal, I really do.

“There’s no way that many quarterbacks can go there to die. It’s graveyard for quarterbacks.”

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