He’s a world recognized physician, spiritualist and author who’s written over eighty books in the lifespan of his career, and as if that weren’t enough, he recently published yet another book, titled The Future of God. Indian-American writer Deepak Chopra recently joined Out Q’s Larry Flick on The Morning Jolt to impart some spiritual wisdom, sharing his latest views on God and spirituality.

“The book explores the three stages of growth. Atheism is the first stage because Atheist start with curiosity and doubt, they are seekers. The second stage is faith which is not blind faith but faith based on experience. And the third stage is knowledge. So this book takes that journey,” Chopra said.

He then unveils what it means to have a spiritual experience. “If by spiritual experiences we mean experience of a feel of unity than you’re moving in the right direction. Spiritual experience just means finding that domain inside us that is whole, that is connected. Not only connected to all of life but connected to the source of life, which is what God is.”

And to answer the question, if God exists why such pain? Chopra said: “There’s no pleasure if you don’t know what pain is. There’s no pleasure if you don’t know what suffering is, there’s no light if you don’t know what darkness is. So all experience is by contrast, otherwise there would be no experience … These are all opportunities for spiritual growth.”

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