The Dean Obeidallah Show: What to expect when (and if) Donald Trump hosts SNL

Is there anything that Donald Trump can do that won’t spark a controversy?? Even the announcement that Trump is hosting Saturday Night Live on Nov. 7 sparked outrage, as leaders of the Latino community have called on SNL to “Dump Trump” in light of his hateful comments about Latino immigrants.

SNL’s co-head writer Bryan Tucker was on my show Saturday to talk Tracy Morgan’s triumphant return to SNL. But, of course, we couldn’t ignore the Trump in the room.

In response to the calls for SNL to “Dump Trump,” Tucker explained, “We have people on because America is talking about them, not necessarily because we agree with them.” Tucker noted that on the first SNL of the season, Hilary Clinton made a cameo appearance, which many loved. However, as Tucker remarked, “we got a whole lot pushback from people on the right saying your shilling for Hillary Clinton.” Adding, “now we have Donald Trump on and we are getting push back from the exact opposite camp.” Here’s Tucker on The Donald coming to SNL:

Will Trump be able to control the content when he hosts SNL? Tucker explained that Trump will have input into the sketches that air just like every other host. Tucker, while rejecting that hosts like Trump have actual veto power over the content, did make it clear that regardless of the host, SNL “will not make them do anything they don’t want to do.” Tucker also shared why it’s expected that Trump will be in fewer sketches than other SNL hosts:

Justin Bieber was unbearable when he hosted SNL In 2013. Coming as a surprise to no one, Tucker explained how Justin Bieber stands out as one of the most difficult hosts in recent years to appear on SNL. From showing up late for rehearsals to actually yelling at SNL staffers, the Biebs will not be soon forgotten by the SNL crew. Tucker gives us more details here:

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