The Dean Obeidallah Show: Can Fox News teach you to hate Muslims?

I have a jam-packed live show this Saturday morning. A journalist who had been held by Iran joins me, we talk the blindingly white Oscars and more.

  • What is like to a be a prisoner in Iran? Journalist Roxana Saberi, who was held prisoner in an Iranian jail for more than four months on trumped up espionage charges, joins me to discuss her ordeal. Saberi was originally sentenced to eight years in prison but was released after being pressured to give a false confession to her Iranian jailers.
  • Can Fox News really make you hate Muslims? California defense attorney Michael Malowney asked a San Diego judge to be lenient in sentencing his client for a series of violent threats against a Muslim American organization because Weissinger was under the influence of alcohol — and Fox News! I’m not kidding!  The reality is that a December poll found that Fox News viewers hold the most negative views of Muslims of the viewers of any other TV news media outlets. Do they hate Muslims and then pick Fox News or does Fox News brainwash them into hating Muslims? We will explore that activist and frequent media commentator Linda Sarsour.
  • Does Donald Trump believe Muslim lives matter? This past week Donald Trump spoke about the suffering of Christians at the hands of ISIS. I rarely agree with Trump but he is 100 percent correct that ISIS has engaged in the horrific persecution of Christians. But for some reason Trump never mentions that the overwhelming percentage of ISIS victims are actually Muslim. NBC’s counter-terrorism expert Laith Alkhouri will be on to discuss a new UN report which makes that very point.
  • Why are the Oscars so blindingly white…again?! For the second straight year, not one African American was nominated for an acting award. This has prompted Spike Lee, Jada Pinkett and Will Smith to boycott the Oscars and others like George Clooney to demand changes. Comedian and actor Wali Collins, who has been seen on The Letterman show and as an actor in Chris Rock’s The Top Five and is currently filming the movie Blue Angel with Stanley Tucci, joins me to talk about diversity in Hollywood and should Chris Rock pull out as host of the Oscars.

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