The Dean Obeidallah Show: SNL’s head writer, Israel-Palestine, bigotry in Canada + more

Live from New York, it’s Donald Trump! Saturday Night Live’s head writer Bryan Tucker will join me to talk SNL. This Saturday night, Tracy Morgan will make his triumphant return to host SNL after being involved in a horrific auto accident that claimed the life of one of his close friends. Tucker will share some sneak previews. And on Nov. 7, Donald Trump will host SNL for the second time. (I worked at SNL when he last hosted in 2004.) Tucker will offer some insight into the good and bad of working with The Donald.

Violence flares up between Palestinians and Israelis. We will cover this issue for the first hour of my show. I’ll be joined by Ambassador Marc Ginsberg, who was appointed by President Bill Clinton and became the first Jewish ambassador to represent the United States in an Arab country. Ambassador Ginsberg, who also served as a presidential advisor to President Carter, will give us an overview of what led to the current outbreak in violence as well as examine will it get worse, and what needs to be done to hopefully reach a lasting peace deal?

What is daily life like for Palestinians? I’ll then be joined by two guests who will share a glimpse of life for Palestinians living within Israel and in the West Bank. Jalal Ayoub, a lawyer and radio host in Israel who was recently profiled in The Jerusalem Post, will be on live from Haifa, Israel. Ayoub will give us insight into the world of being a Palestinian living in Israel (often referred to by the media as “Israeli Arabs”) and his view of what is causing the current spike in violence. And comedian and activist Maysoon Zayid, who was in the West Bank this summer, will share what life is like there for Palestinians.

Anti-Muslim bigotry in Canadian politics?! When I think Canada, I think fun things like maple syrup, colorful money and Tim Horton’s. But now the desperation of Canadian Prime Minster Stephen Harper to win reelection is changing that. Locked in a tight race, Harper has resorted to using anti-Muslim bigotry to get people to vote for him on Election Day in Canada, which is this Monday, October 19. I’ll be joined by Ihsaan Gardee, the executive director of the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM), to share the ugliness going up in the great white north.

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