The Dean Obeidallah Show: Ask a Muslim a question!

I get it. Many are more concerned than ever about Muslims after the Paris terror attack. Some are fearful of Muslims while others are angry, as we saw this week with the threats and attacks made against mosques in the United States.

My live show this Saturday will be in essence a two hour version of the Ask a Muslim segment I do each week. We did this last week on the day after the Paris attacks and the phone lines were jammed with listeners who had questions and comments about Muslims– and even one who wanted all Muslims deported! But I’m glad that person called so we could at least start a conversation about his concerns.

My show is always judgment free. Neither my guests nor I will be defensive when you ask questions about Muslims or Islam. In fact, I encourage you to ask the most challenging questions you have or share your greatest concerns about Muslims. I truly believe that the best way to counter misconceptions and fears some may have about Muslims is to a brutally candid conversation.

My guests on the show this week represent a cross section of the Muslim community. My first guest is Virginia State representative Sam Rasoul who will also discuss why he was fighting for Syrian refugees to be settled in his State.

Next up Imam Abdullah Antepli from Duke University’s Divinity School joins me to field questions along with Haroon Moghul, a senior correspondent with Religion Dispatches and frequent CNN opinion contributor. Imam Antepli is originally from Turkey and will address the issue of why some Turkish fans were reportedly booing at a soccer match earlier this week during a moment of silence for the victims of the Paris attack. We will also talk about Donald Trump’s astounding remarks that he would consider requiring Muslim Americans to register with the federal government and possibly even carry special religious ID cards.

Next up will be Daisy Khan, a leader of the New York Muslim community and author of an upcoming book addressing if ISIS is really based on the principles of Islam. (Spoiler alert: the answer is no.) Daisy has been one of the leaders in the fight for gender equality within Islam.

Finally, Ihsaan Gardee, executive director of the National Council of Canadian Muslims (Canada’s largest Muslim organization), joins me to talk about his communities reaction to Paris attack, including a backlash they are suffering.

But again, my entire live show Saturday is for you to call us and ask questions, offer comments or just talk to a Muslim. Despite what ISIS wants you to believe, this is not a war between Islam and the West. In fact, the number one victim of ISIS’s terrorism are Muslims – both Sunni and Shia. It’s all of us versus ISIS.

My show airs live every Saturday at 10am to noon ET on SiriusXM Insight (Ch 121) and repeats several times over the weekend. It is also available On Demand. Hope you check it out and better yet give us a call during the show to “Ask a Muslim” a question, discuss issues of the week or even be contestant on our weekly segment “Name That Religion.” And as always, I want to be your Muslim friend – so if you don’t have one follow me on Twitter at @deanofcomedy and I’ll follow you back or ask me questions at

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