The Dean Obeidallah Show: If Trump loses, will there be violence?

On my LIVE show this Saturday morning we have a lot to discuss from Donald Trump to ISIS.

Should U.S. citizens who join ISIS be allowed to return to the United States if they renounce ISIS? This week 26-year-old American-born Mohamad Jamal Khweis was captured in Iraq by Kurdish forces. Khweis told the media that he made a mistake joining ISIS. Should he or any of the other reportedly 250 Americans who have joined ISIS ever be allowed to return to the United States if they renounce the terror group? What if they served jail time and underwent some form of rehabilitation? Or no way, no how? We will discuss this issue with NBC’s Counter-terrorism expert Laith Alkhouri.

Is Donald Trump already hurting America’s image around the world? Thanks to the Internet, the whole world is watching Donald Trump. And from many indications, they are not fans. The British Parliament recently held a debate over whether to ban Trump from entering the UK. In the Middle East, Trump is losing business deals thanks to his anti-Muslim bigotry. And this week Russia’s government denounced Trump using footage of Russian President Vladimir Putin in a campaign ad. Joining me to discuss this issue is Ihsaan Gardee, the executive director of the National Council of Canadian Muslims, who will give us the view of how Trump is seen in Canada and around the globe. (If Trump wins, I think Canada might be building a wall!)

If Trump loses, will there be violence by some of his supporters? This is the issue for my weekly segment: “You are the guest” where you, the SiriusXM listener, is the guest. We have already witnessed Trump supporters physically assaulting protesters at Trump rallies. Trump even claimed this week there would be “riots” if he were deprived of the GOP nomination. And as I noted in my article for The Daily Beast this week, some Trump supporters have vowed to create an armed militia to protect Trump supporters. If Trump loses, will we see bloodshed? And even if there’s no violence, what will it take for America to heal from what Trump has done to our country?

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