The Dean Obeidallah Show: What’s it like to be Latino and Muslim as Trump bashes both?!

You think your life is challenging? Try being Latino and Muslim as Donald Trump stoke hate versus both communities.

On my LIVE show on Saturday morning I’ll be joined by Wilfredo Ruiz, a U.S. military veteran who is both Latino and Muslim. Ruiz, a lawyer and a former Naval Officer, is currently the communications director for the Florida chapter of the Council of American Islamic Relations. Ruiz will share what he and others in the Latino Muslim community — which is the fastest growing segment of the Muslim American community – are going through during Trump’s attacks on both. Plus as Ruiz and others told me for my Daily Beast article this week, there’s a silver lining to Trump’s hate.

A Muslim wearing a hijab in the White House?! Yes, there is and her name is Rumana Ahmed. Rumana currently works as an advisor to Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes. And here’s the thing, while she’s the only Muslim who wears a hijab in the White House, she’s far from the only Muslim working there. (That screaming sound you are hearing is from Trump supporters!) Ahmed will share what it’s like to work in the White House as well as discuss how the rhetoric of Trump is actually hurting America but helping ISIS.

You are the guest! In this segment, you the SiriusXM listeners are my guest. The two topics for Saturday’s show are: 1. Does Islam hate America as Trump said this week? 2. Will a protester be seriously injured or killed at a Trump rally? We have seen a pattern of protesters, primarily black, punched and even beaten at Trump rallies. And worst of all Trump publicly defended an attack on a black protester in November by his white supporters who called the black man while hitting him a “monkey” and the “N word.” What are your views on these issues?

I hope you not only tune in Saturday, but join the conversation. I want to hear what you think about these issues. 

My show airs live every Saturday at 10 am to noon ET on SiriusXM Insight (Ch 121) and repeats several times over the weekend. It is also available On Demand. Hope you check it out and better yet give us a call during the show to “Ask a Muslim” a question, discuss issues of the week or even be contestant on our weekly segment “Name That Religion.” And as always, I want to be your Muslim friend – so if you don’t have one follow me on Twitter at @deanofcomedy and I’ll follow you back or ask me questions at

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