The Dean Obeidallah Show: Muhammad Ali, America’s First Muslim Hero

On my LIVE show Saturday morning we will be talking the sad passing of Muhammad Ali on Friday night, people still feeling the Bern big time, look back at Donald Trump’s horrible history of demonizing minority groups that dates back to his smearing of Native Americans in 1993 and more.

Muhammad Ali was America’s First Muslim Hero.  We will be talking about what Ali meant to Americans and especially to Muslim Americans. I interviewed numerous Muslim Americans for their reaction for my new Daily Beast article which you can check out Here.

Can Bernie Sanders still win? Jim Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute and one of the five people Sanders has chosen to represent him on the Democratic National Committee’s platform committee will join me to break it down. Plus Zogby will share with us what issues he hopes to influence on the DNC Platform committee at next month’s Democratic Convention.

Trump has been smearing minorities for decades. If you think Trump just started demonizing minorities to get ahead during this campaign then you don’t know Trump. As I wrote about for The Daily Beast this week, back in 1993 Trump smeared Native Americans with lies that they would be bringing crime if they were allowed to open up casinos in the New York City area. Why did he say that? Because Trump wanted to stop them from competing with his then three casinos in New Jersey.

Native American activist and author Gyasi Ross of the Blackfeet Nation will join me to discuss Trump’s despicable history of demonizing Native Americans and other minority groups. Plus Ross will share what are the issues of most concern to Native Ameircans in the 2016 presidential race.

 You are my guest. In this segment, you the SiriusXM listener are my guest. Saturday’s topic is:

 Will we see people get killed in the protests before this election ends? As we have seen over the past few months, Trump supporters have physically assaulted protesters at Trump campaign events. But on Thursday night we saw an escalation of violence from the people protesting Trump. At Trump’s rally in San Jose, California, anti-Trump protesters physically attacked Trump supporters as they exited the event. Are we going to see even more violent clashes as we get into the heat of the campaign that could result in Americans being killed? Is this a threat to our democracy?

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