The Dean Obeidallah Show: Is Donald Trump a threat to the US Constitution?

Donald Trump is truly obsessed with Muslims. We are all he seems to want to talk about. At this point I think an intervention might be in order.

On my live show Saturday we will talk about Trump’s latest proposal to ban all Muslim immigrants from coming to America. We are talking over 1.5 billion people not allowed to move to America simply because of their faith.

We will also examine the connection between Trump’s words and the spike in hate crimes versus Muslim Americans over the last few days with attacks on Muslims and mosques around the nation. In New York City alone there was a rash of alleged hate crimes including a vicious assault on deli owner Sarker Haque in Queens.

Kameelah Mu’Min Rashad, the Muslim chaplain at University of Pennsylvania, will join me to talk about the backlash against Muslim Americans and the fear many in our community have right now.

Are Trump’s words helping ISIS? NBC counterterrorism expert Laith Alkhouri will be on to discuss how Trump’s proposed Muslim ban plays into the hands of ISIS by helping them recruit terrorists to kill Americans. Plus Alkhouri will answer questions on how we can best defeat ISIS.

Muslim Americans raise nearly $200,000 to help victims of San Bernardino terror attack. Dr. Faisal Qazi, a physician and social activist who co-created Minds Network, spearheaded an effort this week to raise funds for the victims of the San Bernardino attack  as noted in numerous media outlets. Dr. Qazi will join me to discuss why he did this and the reaction of the victims’ families to this effort.

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