The Dean Obeidallah Show: Why are conservatives more outraged over film mocking Ronald Reagan than Trump’s bigotry?

On my LIVE show Saturday morning we talk political correctness, comedy, sexism and more.

Can comedy about a minority group actually make people like that minority group?  Zarqa Nawaz, creator of the very popular Canadian sitcom,Little Mosque on the Prairie, the first TV comedy ever in North America about a Muslim family, joins me. We will talk whether a sitcom can really cause people who don’t like Muslims, blacks, the LGBT community or other minority groups to change their views. Plus Nawaz will discuss her great new book, which is a best seller in Canada, Laughing all the way to the Mosque. This hilarious and smart book looks at the challenges of being a Muslim in the West.

Why are conservatives more outraged over a comedy film mocking Ronald Reagan than with Donald Trump’s sexism, bigotry and racism? A new comedy movie about Ronald Reagan that was to star Will Ferrell caused conservatives to become so outraged that Ferrell dropped out of it on Friday. Apparently the right hates being politically correct unless they don’t agree with what is being said. Negin Farsad, comedian and director of the new comedy film 3rd Street Blackout opening in New York City this weekend (and in other cities in the coming weeks) joins me to talk the right’s hypocrisy and is political correctness killing comedy.

Will there be blood before this year’s election is over? On Thursday and Friday we saw an increase in protesters and even violence in response to Donald Trump’s appearances in California. With Trump as the likely GOP nominee, many communities want to be heard to make it clear that they view Trump, as the Indianapolis Star put it this week, as “a danger to the United States and to the world.” But where will this end up? Will we see protesters seriously injured or even killed?

You are my guest: This is the segment where you the SiriusXM listener are my guest. This week’s issue: Will women really vote for Donald Trump, as he brags? Recent polls show Trump being viewed unfavorably by 66 percent of women. And in head to head match ups with Hillary Clinton, Trump trails Hillary by a whopping 21 points. But of course Trump keeps claiming women love him. Is there anything he can do to change these numbers? Or are Trump’s years of sexist comments too much for him to overcome?

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