Dean Obeidallah Show: A movie with a Muslim hero?!

On my LIVE show Saturday morning we will be talking Scapegoats, Muslim action stars and — of course — Donald Trump. Plus Maz Jobrani, comedian and star of the new hilarious comedy film Jimmy Vestvood, will join me in studio to co-host the second hour of the show.

When politicians scapegoat minority groups it’s bad for all Americans. The 2016 presidential campaign has been marked by Donald Trump scapegoating Latino immigrants and Muslims for the problems of America. He seems to alternate days scaring people about one group or the other, but lately he’s been really frightening people about Muslims. Arsalan Iftikhar, a human rights lawyer and author of the must0read new book, Scapegoats: How Islamophobia Helps Our Enemies and Threatens Our Freedoms, joins me to explain why this is not only a threat to American values, but also a threat to our national security. Find out why Former President Jimmy Carter called Scapegoats “an important book that shows Islamophobia must be addressed urgently.”

A Middle Eastern star of a film who is not a terrorist?! As unbelievable as it sounds, there’s a new film just released that features a Middle Eastern character as its star and get this: He’s the hero! Comedian Maz Jobrani joins me to talk his new comedy film Jimmy Vestvood, about an Iranian man who comes to America. Can this film make a difference in the way Americans see Middle Easterners? We hope so!

You are my guest. In this segment, you, the SiriusXM listener are my guest. On Saturday’s show here are the issues we will discuss in this segment:

Is Donald Trump rooting for a terrorist attack? Before French or Egyptian officials even commented on the crash of the EgyptAir flight that took the lives of 66 people this week, Trump was tweeting that the plane crash was terrorism. And he has doubled down since despite officials still not determining the cause. Is Trump actually rooting for more terrorist attacks between now and November because he believes it will help him win the White House?

Does Donald Trump’s sexist comments about women from years ago matter to voters? This week former Miss Universe Alicia Machado told the media that in 1996 when she won Trump’s Miss Universe contest he publicly humiliated her. Specifically she explained that after she had gained weight, Trump called her “Miss Piggy” and because she had a Spanish accent he referred to her as “Miss Housekeeping.” Plus, Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC this week started running a new ad that plays actual clips of Trump saying horribly cruel comments about women. Does any of this matter to you in deciding which candidate you will vote for in November?

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