The Dean Obeidallah Show Will Now Crush Trump 3 Hours A Day!

Is the small-handed, thin-skinned, orange haired wanna be dictator Trump been keeping you up at night? Are you worried that “Trump stress” is shortening your life expectancy? Do you want to see Trump impeached-like yesterday?!

Well then I have the perfect SiriusXM radio show for you. In fact, there’s an entire channel on SiriusXM that can help you deal with Trump that’s far better than drinking your house dry of anything that has alcohol in it.

And come May 15, 2017, my radio show is moving to that channel. Yep, The Dean Obeidallah show is on the move to the SiriusXM Progress (Channel 127) – the home of The Resistance to Trump. SiriusXM Progress is the #1 progressive political talk channel in America where a diverse groups of progressives are leading the fight against Trump every day. Plus excitingly my show is expanding from one hour to three hours per day and will be live Monday to Friday from 6:00PMET to 9:00PMET.

So what can you expect on my new show? My show is going to make you smarter while making you laugh. We will crush Trump’s lies (and Trump trolls) with facts and punchlines. If you enjoy learning the facts with some funny, this is the show for you.

And I’m perfectly situated to do both. I’m a former trial lawyer turned political comedian and writer. In the world of comedy I’ve appeared on Comedy Central’s “Axis of Evil” special and “The Nightly show,” ABC’s “The View” and “Good Morning America” together with a host of other comedy shows.

As a political writer, I’m a weekly columnist for The Daily Beast and a Opinion Contributor. I’ve also penned articles on substantive political issues for a range of publications from The Atlantic to The Washington Post to The World Post. And you can see me frequently on CNN and MSNBC “discussing” (translation: fighting with Trumpers) about political issues of the day.

Plus I’m an activist. I’ve been fighting for progressive causes for years as well as using my skills to counter anti-Muslim bigotry with projects like the comedy documentary I co-directed, “The Muslims are Coming!” And as I have offered on my former show on the Insight channel, I’m here to be your Muslim friend. Each week we will have an “Ask a Muslim segment where you can ask anything you want about Muslims – nothing is off-limits.

Each day my show will feature a cross-section of compelling and entertaining guests from elected officials to activists to celebrities. The goal is to entertain you while arming you with facts to defeat Trump’s lies and Trumpers talking points.

And most importantly I want to hear from you. Your voice will be a big part of every single show. As I’ve found hosting for the past two years, SiriusXM listeners are often more insightful than some of the so-called political experts we see blabbering endlessly on cable news shows.

So I hope you’ll join me on my new show as we build the ranks of The Resistance. It’s time to take the fight to Trump and crush his un-American agenda while championing progressive causes. We will never surrender, we will never give in and we will never be silent. We are The Resistance!

The Dean Obeidallah show airs Monday to Friday from 6:00PMET to 9:00PMET on SiriusXM Progress. Follow Dean on Twitter – he promises to follow you back!

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