The Dean Obeidallah Show: Students bullied for their faith

On my LIVE show Saturday morning we are talking are about Muslim students being bullied for their faith, if Jon Stewart could have prevented Donald Trump from being the GOP nominee and more.

-Bullied for being Muslim. All of us had to deal with bullies growing up (and even sometimes as adults). But a recent study shockingly found that 55 percent of Muslim American students have been bullied, which is double the national rate. And even more distressing is that 20 percent of Muslims students have been bullied and harassed for their faith by their teachers, the very people charged with protecting them. Imagine being called a “terrorist” or “raghead Taliban” in front of your classmates by your teacher? Well that’s exactly what has been happening.

Kameelah Mu’Min Rashad, the Muslim chaplain at the University of Pennsylvania, will join me to discuss this alarming trend as well as ways to reduce it.

-Does Donald Trump actually stand for anything? This week we heard Trump flip on a list of issues such as no longer self funding his campaign to back peddling on his absolute ban of Muslims to his tax plan. In fact on Friday Trump declared that all his proposals should be considered as just “suggestions” — not actual policies he would enact. Former GOP Virginia State Representative David Ramadan will join me to discuss.

You are my guest. In this segment, you the SiriusXM listener are my guest. Saturday’s topic is:

-Would Jon Stewart have stopped Trump? Earlier this week Jon Stewart made headlines appearing on David Axelrod’s podcast and mocking Donald Trump. It made many realize how much we wish Stewart were still on TV nightly- in fact I wrote an article for CNN on the issue titled, We need Jon Stewart back now! Some have even commented that Trump would’ve never become the GOP nominee if Stewart were still on air because the comedian would’ve ridiculed him nightly, revealing Trump to be nothing more than a punchline. Are those people overestimating Stewart’s influence or are they right?

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