The Dean Obeidallah Show: Can Comedy Defeat Donald Trump?

On my LIVE show Saturday we will be talking about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, mutiny in GOP against Trump, Ramadan, and can comedy be the thing that slays the mighty Trump?!

What exactly is the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement? Marc Lamont Hill, a Professor at Morehouse College and a fixture on CNN, joins us to discuss the movement. Hill was just in Palestine and Israel and will share what he saw there and also explain what is the BDS movement, its goals and why some cheer it while others attack it.

Will the GOP dump Trump at the Republican Convention? This week conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt called on the Republican Party to change the GOP convention rules to prevent Trump from being the nominee. And we are seeing even more Republicans defecting from the Trump Train. Former GOP Virginia State Representative David Ramadan will join me to explain why many Republicans will simply not support Trump this November.

What is Ramadan? You may have heard that Ramadan just started for Muslims around the world. So what does that mean? Why do Muslims fast for 30 days? If you eat in front of your Muslim friend who is fasting will they begin to cry in hunger? (Probably.) We will discuss Ramadan and have our Ask a Muslim segment.

You are my guest. In this segment you, the SiriusXM listener is my guest. Saturday’s topic:

Can Comedy defeat Donald Trump? The 16 other Republicans in the GOP field against Trump tried facts and serious arguments but they all lost. Can comedy succeed where seriousness failed?  Can Democrats and TV comedy shows turn Trump back into the punchline he was until last year? Plus as we know Trump is so thin-skinned he will lash out when he is comically mocked so it’s a win-win.

Hope you not only tune in to my LIVE show, but join the conversation at 877-974-7487. I want to hear what you think about these issues, plus join us for our weekly “Ask A Muslim” a question segment.

My show airs live every Saturday at 10 am to noon ET on SiriusXM Insight (Ch 121) and repeats several times over the weekend. It is also available On Demand. Hope you check it out and better yet give us a call during the show to “Ask a Muslim” a question, discuss issues of the week or even be contestant on our weekly segment “Name That Religion.” And as always, I want to be your Muslim friend – so if you don’t have one follow me on Twitter at @deanofcomedy and I’ll follow you back or ask me questions at



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