Dean Obeidallah wants to be your Muslim friend

SiriusXM Insight host Dean Obeidallah writes about his weekly show — and becoming your friend (follow him on Twitter!):

If you don’t have a Muslim friend – and a recent survey found that 62 percent of Americans don’t- then I’m here for you. Now, I’m not going to help you move or drive you to the airport- and to be honest, you probably don’t want a Muslim driving you to the airport. But on The Dean Obeidallah Show every Saturday morning 10am – 12pm ET on SiriusXM Insight Ch. 121, I along with my guests will answer any questions you have about Muslims or Islam.

We even have a segment each week called “Ask a Muslim” where you can pose any question you have about us. And I mean any question. It’s judgment free so ask away – especially the ones about why we see certain Muslims do some crazy stuff. (I’m looking at you ISIS and Al Qaeda.)

But the program is not a religious show, it looks at the big issues of the week featuring Muslim American voices- you know, the people we generally don’t hear from in the mainstream media. And since I’m also a comedian, in addition to be a columnist for The Daily Beast, the show is both informative and entertaining. (At least that’s the goal!)

Since the show launched in mid-January as part of SiriusXM’s new Insight channel, we have had on people like The Daily Show’s Aasif Mandvi, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, Congressional Representatives Keith Ellison and Andre Carson, best selling author Reza Aslan, plus some non-Muslims who are allies and friends like actor Tony Shalhoub and SiriusXM’s Pete Dominick.

Last Saturday’s show featured NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin talking about the situation in Yemen and Iraq as well as the media’s double standard when it comes to calling non-Muslims terrorists. (Spoiler alert: the media almost never calls non-Muslims terrorists.) In fact just a few days ago I wrote about that very topic for The Daily Beast discussing a self described “patriot” who planted a bomb in a Georgia national park and tried to make it look like Muslims did it – and he still wasn’t called a terrorist by our media. (Plus the media barely covered the story.)

Here’s an excerpt of my conversation Ayman on the US media’s double standard when it comes to reporting on Muslims plus my dream of a Muslim boy band:

We were also joined by Atif Fareed, a captain for a major US airlines with over 30 plus years experience who discussed the Germanwings airline crash and the ways to prevent similar tragedies. Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir, a former NCAA women’s basketball star who was the first Division One college player to wear a hijab, joined us to talk March Madness. Finally, SiriusXM’s Pete Dominick came on to discuss Indiana’s new law to protect “religious liberty” that’s truly nothing more than legally sanctioned discrimination against members of the LGBT community.

Hope you check out the show On Demand or tune in Saturday mornings at 10am ET to hear show live on SiriusXM Insight Ch. 121. And if you really want a Muslim friend, follow me on Twitter at @deanofcomedy and I promise to follow you back if you mention you read this post!

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