David Oyelowo tells of meeting his real life counterparts of Selma

Selma hits theaters on Friday, and the historical drama is already receiving criticism for accuracy – and some early bird Oscar buzz. With four Golden Globe nominations already on tap, Selma is based around the happenings during the 1965 voting rights marches that were led by John Lewis, James Bevel, Hosea Williams, and of course, Martin Luther King, Jr.

David Oyelowo plays Dr. King and recently spoke to EW Radio about portraying the gargantuan figure on the big screen. Oyelowo also discussed meeting the real John Lewis, now a Congressman for almost three decades, who truly was a key leader in the American Civil Rights Movement as the chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.

“That’s the most nerve-wracking side of making a historical drama, especially when it involves people who are still alive and people who are gargantuan in terms of what they’ve done for society,” Oyelowo said. “[John Lewis] came to visit the set. I had the weight that I had gained to play King, and I was looking as much like him as I could, and John Lewis walked right up to me and said, ‘Dr. King, it is so nice to see you again.’ I honestly can’t tell you what that felt like. I genuinely can’t because I think my brain turned to mush.”

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