David Ortiz Sounds Off on Sweeping the Yankees and Praises Barry Bonds

Hall of Famer and Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz appeared on Adam Schein’s Mad Dog Sports Radio show, Schein on Sports, today (June 20) to comment on Boston’s recent sweep of the New York Yankees.

Additionally, Big Papi talked about Shohei Ohtani, shared his thoughts on Major League Baseball’s recent rule changes, and revealed his pick for the “most feared and impressive hitter” he’s ever seen. Watch Ortiz’s full interview on the SXM App now, and check out some quotes from it below.

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Top five quotes from today’s David Ortiz interview during Schein on Sports:

  • “Sweeping the Yankees in Boston is like having a reunion with God and having some really good Dominican food at the same time.”
  • Regarding the Yankees’ woes and Aaron Judge’s absence: “Somebody needs to step up and make that difference until [Judge] comes in.”
  • On MLB’s recent rule changes: “Well, to be honest with you, I, at the beginning when, when all these changes start happening, I was, I was a guy that I was either confused about it or I was not agreeing on, but at the time had gone by and the different in between game time, which is not, which is below 2.5 hour compared to four hour game. I love it.”
  • Regarding Shohei Ohtani: “You pay as a fan, you go to the field, you pay one ticket for the price of two when you go to watch [Shohei Ohtani].”
  • On Barry Bonds: “So, I mean, the most feared and impressive hitter I think I ever seen in my life and, and you know, I mean, hopefully soon [in Cooperstown] to be honest  with you.”

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