Sara & Erin Foster on dad David’s divorce from Yolanda Hadid: ‘If you’re capable of continuing to be on a reality show, you’re not dying’

On Barely Famous, Sara and Erin Foster play warped versions of themselves seeking celebrity status in Los Angeles.

But the sisters, known for their own writing and acting work, experienced the ugly side of fame firsthand in January, when their father, accomplished music producer David Foster, split from estranged wife Yolanda Hadid, a former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star publicly battling chronic Lyme disease for years.

The divorce quickly turned ugly, and millions are at stake.

“We got really great step-siblings out of that marriage,” Erin said Wednesday on Dirty, Sexy, Funny with Jenny McCarthy of Hadid’s model children Gigi, Bella (who they call “very grounded girls”) and Anwar.

“When it was good, it was really good. But to be honest with you, our loyalty is to our dad. Our dad is a really good guy,” Sara added. “Let me tell you something. That guy will give the shirt off his back to you, to you, to you. To anyone in this room. If a random person in this studio came up to him and said, ‘Mr. Foster, I can’t feed my family, I need help, my dad would say call my business manager right now, I’ll wire you 20 grand.’ That’s who my dad is, and he doesn’t like credit for it. So to watch him get dragged into some disgusting, bulls***, Daily Mail, social media scandal, all lies, and for no one to come to his defense … ”

Hadid’s health became a controversy on RHOBH, with her fellow Housewives questioning her diagnosis and suggesting Munchhausen could be a factor. (Hadid, 52, announced earlier this month that she won’t appear next season.)

“Look, this is how I feel. We don’t comment to our friends on Yolanda’s health. That’s not for us to comment on. Only she knows  her journey, but what I will say is if you’re capable of continuing to be on a reality show, you’re not dying,” Sara, 35, told McCarthy. “Let’s be honest.”

“Again, We are not doctors. We have no idea what goes on, and we don’t wish anyone ill will of any kind,” said Erin, 33. “However, I think that from everyone’s experience, if anyone’s ever known someone who is very sick, who has cancer, who is dying, who’s in the last year of their life, the only thing that person gives a s*** about is getting through the day and being treated normally. No one wants everyone to know how sick they are and everyone to see how much they’re struggling, and when that seems to be the focus, making everyone see how sick you are, that’s just confusing to someone who’s trying to be supportive.”

Season 2 of Barely Famous premieres Wednesday at 10 pm ET on VH1.

Dirty, Sexy, Funny with Jenny McCarthy airs live weekdays from 10 am to 12 pm ET on SiriusXM Stars (Ch. 109).

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