David Crosby makes heartfelt apology to Daryl Hannah and Neil Young for ‘slogging’ them

Last fall it came out that Neil Young had left his wife of 36 years, Pegi, and was dating actress Daryl Hannah. Not everyone was too pleased to see that his marriage appeared to have ended in the same breath as his new relationship began.

“I happen to know that [Young] is hanging out with somebody that’s a purely poisonous predator now,” David Crosby said in the interview. “And that’s karma. He’s gonna get hurt. But I understand why it happened. I’m just sad about it. I’m always sad when I see love tossed in the gutter.”

Well, Crosby went on The Howard Stern show this morning and he was nothing but contrite about his comments. “I screwed up, I shot my mouth off when I shouldn’t have,” Crosby said. “I’m a screw up … where do I get off criticizing her?” He then went on to explain where his outburst left things with Young.

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