Legendary songwriter David Crosby stopped by SiriusXM Insight‘s Tell Me Everything with John Fugelsang, where he addressed a tweet in which he called Kanye West “an idiot and a poser” who “has no talent at all.”

“I absolutely did not [like what West did with Laura Nyro’s song Save the Country] it was totally trash to do that,” he said. “She was a great singer-songwriter, and it just made me mad. I liked her and she was a friend. And for that guy to think of himself as a musician, when he can’t write, sing or play, really ticks me off.”

He also lamented the music industry’s treatment of musicians his age.

“Our culture, which admittedly is tilted more toward surface than substance, has always treasured young, good looking people,” he said. “If you look at the lifespan of the poptarts that they manufacture out in Hollywood, you have to question this. [The industry] does not value the wisdom of age anywhere near as it values a really firm behind.”

Elsewhere, he spoke about his burst of songwriting inspiration in recent years and credits his newfound muse to his decision to quit smoking marijuana.

“I quit smoking pot about six months ago. It’s that way with weed — you can turn it off and on like a light switch. What happened, man, is the muse started stopping by my house so often that I thought, ‘Damn, I better have the lights on and the doors open and be able to pay attention here,” he explained. “I normally would have a couple hits of volcano before I would go to sleep — it’s better than taking an Ambien. You dream a lot more if you’re not smoking it, but so much writing … words coming all of sudden just as I’m going to sleep … all of a sudden phrases will jump into my head, and I’ll have to scramble to turn the light on and write them down.”

Crosby is hitting the road in support of his latest album and fourth solo effort, Croz, with a stripped-down solo tour.

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